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Ph.D. in Public Administration 
and Public Policy


Top Ranked by U.S. News & World Report as Best Public Affairs School - 2019


The Joint Doctoral Program in Public Administration and Public Policy is a collaborative endeavor between the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at Auburn University at Montgomery and the Department of Political Science at Auburn University. Faculty members in the departments at both campuses - which are just fifty miles apart, about forty-five minutes by car - share their knowledge of and expertise in public administration, public policy and political science to help students become strong scholars, rigorous researchers, and policy leaders. Since the program's creation in the mid-1980s, it has graduated many successful academics, policy analysts, and government officials. 

The program requires forty-nine credit hours: thirteen courses (thirty-nine credit hours) and ten dissertation hours. Courses for the doctoral degree are offered on both campuses. Students must take one-third of the credit hours required for the program at each campus and faculty members from each campus are required to serve on a student’s dissertation committee.

The program website provides details regarding course requirementsfaculty specializations, and other procedural aspects of the Joint Doctoral Program. Students should consult the websites of both universities for the most up-to-date course listings. A note on course numbers: 7000 numbers refer to Auburn University at Montgomery doctoral courses and 8000 numbers refer to Auburn University doctoral courses. 

For more specific information about the doctoral program's course curriculum or questions about individualized plans of study, Dr. Kelly Krawczyk at, the program director in the Auburn University Department of Political Science, or Dr. Andrew Cortell at, in the Auburn University at Montgomery Department of Political Science and Public Administration. 

A detailed overview regarding the admissions application process is available. To check on the status of your application, please contact Ms. Janine Barnes at She can also assist with registration issues, but those should be directed to the contact at the specific campus where the problem exists.