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BIOL 2040 Animal Nutrition - Online (3 Semester Credit Hours)

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BIOL 2040 Animal Nutrition (3 Semester Credit Hours)

This course emphasizes topics related to the fundamental and applied aspects of industrial and domestic animal nutrition. Principles covered include: classification and function of nutrients, deficiency symptoms, digestive processes, characterization of feedstuffs, and formulation of diets.

Prerequisites: Students must have completed BIOL 1010/1011 Lecture and Laboratory (or equivalent) and CHEM 1100/1101 Chemistry (or equivalent).

Terms Offered: The course is usually offered every term including summer.

Course Requirements: The online version of Animal Nutrition requires access to the internet and familiarity with Blackboard learning system to acquire the course material. The textbook and lecture material are available online, all homework assignments will be submitted online and the exams will be online. Students will interact with the instructor and other students through emails and group discussion.

Examinations:Exams will be administered and completed online via Blackboard.
Exam format will include 50 short answer, multiple choice, and essay questions with a 90-minute time limit which begins and cannot be interrupted once the student accesses the exam. Exam access will begin at 6 a.m. and will close at 12 midnight on listed exam date.

Animal Nutrition Syllabus