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Biology and Environmental Science Programs of Study

Biology offers two degrees; one in Biology and one in Environmental Science. Each degree has several concentrations to help you prepare for graduate school or to focus your interests for a particular career.

Biology Concentrations

Biology Health Science Concentration

The Biology Health Sciences concentration is designed for students seeking a degree in biology while preparing for application to health care professional schools. The courses in this concentration help student fulfill admission requirements or recommendations and are useful in preparing for professional school admission tests (MCAT, VCAT, PCAT, and similar).
Biology Health Science Program of Study

Molecular Biology Concentration
The molecular biology concentration is designed for students who have a desire to further their education through graduate school. This option will prepare students for graduate training programs in the biological sciences, including cellular and molecular biology, immunology, pharmacology and genetics, and will also prepare graduates for entry level positions in biological research and technology laboratories. This option will also provide a solid foundation for application to health-related professional schools.
Molecular Biology Program of Study

Public Health and Microbiology Concentration
The microbiology and public health concentration includes studies in microbial pathogenesis, principles of public health, epidemiology, molecular genetics, virology, environmental and industrial microbial processes. This concentration prepares students for technical work or graduate school in microbial disease systems using polymerase chain reaction, other molecular diagnostic tools as well as environmental and industrial applications of microbial systems.
Microbiology and Public Health Program of Study

General Biology Concentration Concentration
The general biology concentration is designed to prepare students for a wide range of post-graduate options including graduate school, health professions, and others. It is an excellent choice for students that know they want to study biology, but are not certain what their ultimate goal may be.
General Biology Program of Study

Environmental Science Concentrations

Environmental Science Biology Concentration 
In the environmental science biology concentration, students can prepare themselves for employment with private industry or government or for application to graduate degree programs in other universities. Potential job titles include: Water Quality Technician, Air Quality Technician, Wildlife Biologist, Environmental Consultant, Park Ranger, Environmental Planner, Environmental Educator, Outdoor Educator, Environmental Scientist, or Park Interpretive Specialist.
Environmental Biology Program of Study

Environmental Science Chemistry Concentration
Environmental chemistry is the study of the presence and movement of chemicals in the air, soil, and water. Environmental chemists study how these chemicals, usually contaminants, affect the health of people, wildlife, and ecosystems. This concentration prepares students for future studies in the field or for positions in state or federal agencies as well as private enterprise. This degree is perfectly aligned with a chemistry degree and students can easily earn a dual degree in Environmental Science and Chemistry for the same number of hours.
Environmental Chemistry Program of Study

Environmental Science Health and Toxicology Concentration
The health and toxicology concentration prepares students to look at their environment critically and assess how changes to their environment can affect their health and the health of their environment.  This is a great choice for students interested in getting a job or going on to graduate school.
Environmental Health and Toxicology Program of Study

Environmental Science Geographic Information Systems Concentration

Geographic Information System is a very important skill for many Environmental Scientists.  This concentration gives students an extensive skill set in GIS that they can use in the job market or as an entry point into graduate school. 
Environmental Science Geographic Information Systems Program of Study

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