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Composition at AUM and the English Placement Test



Our course content is aligned with nationally recommended first-year writing outcomes. Rubrics based on these outcomes are used in composition classes for student revision and instructor grading for each assignment. Students write about genres in the first course and focus on argumentation/persuasion in the second course.

All of our courses are sequenced to help build students' writing experiences to prepare them for their university studies. Students will work closely with all of their instructors from the first day of their first class through their final composition course.

Our faculty is composed of a growing number of instructors who bring an exciting and experienced background with them into our classrooms. We strive to engage students in the writing skills they will need to write across the university's disciplines.

About the English Composition Program 
For more information, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Woodworth, the Director of Composition, at

Placement Testing

Auburn Montgomery uses ACT/SAT scores as well as placement tests to determine initial placement in math and English. If you need to take the English placement test, you must do so before attending New Student Orientation.

Writing Placement Testing

You are only required to take the Writing Placement Test (WPT) if you DO NOT have ACT or SAT scores from within the last three years. If you desire a review of the basics of writing, you may register for ENGL 0100, Basic Writing, and ENGL 0101, the accompanying lab, without taking the placement test.

If you HAVE taken the ACT/SAT within the past three years, then your English/Writing subsection score will determine your Freshman English placement: with a score of 17 or lower on the ACT (449 or lower for the SAT if taken before March 2016; 260 or lower if taken after March 2016), you will be placed in ENGL 0100/0101; with a score of 18 or higher on the ACT (450 or higher on the SAT if taken before March 2016; 261 or higher if taken after March 2016) you will be placed in ENGL 1010.

The Writing Placement Test may only be taken once.

Writing Placement Test Schedule

Testing times will be scheduled on Orientation Days. Please check with your adviser and the Orientation team for those scheduled days/times. During the spring, summer, and fall semesters, testing will be scheduled on Thursday at 12 p.m. only.

Students must register a week in advance take the placement test. To schedule an appointment, please email Ms. Tara Woods at

There is no Placement Testing between terms or during holiday breaks.