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Political Science and Public Administration 

The AUM Political Science major offers a variety of courses exploring the multiple and various dimensions of politics.

  • In courses on American politics, students learn about the complex relationship between Congress, the presidency, and other political institutions; the impact of money on campaigns and elections, and the role of race in politics. 
  • In international relations courses students study the implications of an international environment without a supranational government and how that environment leads countries to be the most important entities in world politics and, in turn, makes world politics the realm of power politics. 
  • In comparative politics courses, students explore the factors that make democracy more or less likely, how the transition to democracy can create instabilities, and how differences in countries' electoral systems can lead to government instability. 
  • In public administration courses students examine the relationship among political actors, institutions, and bureaucratic organizations to understand the issues related to effective governance.

The Political Science Four Year Plan provides details on the requirements for the major. The Department awards a merit Scholarship to a well-deserving junior or senior major. 

Political Science Plan of Study

Political science is a frequently selected major for students interested in attending law school. One reason for this relationship is that political science courses emphasize analytical and critical thinking, careful reading, and persuasive writing, all skills highly valued in the legal profession. The Department is extremely proud of its record in preparing students for admission to American Bar Association accredited law schools.

For students who are interested in political science but have chosen another major, the Department offers two minors:

  • Political Science Minor (Five Courses/15 Hours)
    A minor in Political Science provides students with training in the study of political processes and institutions at the national and international levels. Political Science Minor Plan of Study provides details on the requirements for this minor.
  • International Relations Minor (Five Courses/15 Hours)
    This minor offers students training in the study of international relations - an understanding of the interactions among states and the roles and significance of such non-state actors as international organizations, non-governmental organizations, terrorist groups and business groups and the prospects for peace and cooperation more generally. The International Relations Minor Plan of Study provides details on the requirements for this minor.

There are many career possibilities for students majoring and minoring in political science. The following websites provide some good overviews of these possibilities. 

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The Department's faculty members have developed well-established expertise across several areas of political science including American politics, political behavior, political psychology, research methods, comparative politics, international relations, and public administration. For details about their specific training, areas of research, and teaching interests see their individual faculty pages

For inquiries and more information about the political science major, the political science minor, the international relations minor and the Department more generally please email: