The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences offers students a traditional liberal education to meet the needs of the 21st century, allowing them to compete for a variety of careers in an increasingly complex and evolving world.

Careers and Internships

Find out about how to leverage your degree into a career and how to go about finding an internship to get experience that can change your life.

Financial Aid

The Auburn Montgomery Office of Financial Aid provides a variety of services to help you finance your education. From grants to student loans, to college work-study, we offer over $40 million in financial assistance to students annually. We've tried to answer your questions on this site, but our staff will be happy to assist you if you have additional questions.


The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences offers scholarships specific to a number of majors. And AUM offers more scholarships besides!

News and Events

Want to learn more about your world over a day or two with some of our best teachers? Good Questions, the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences’ mini-college, has a lot to offer on topics from across the arts and sciences spectrum, from history and literature to biology and psychology—even a screening of a movie with discussion led by one of our best professors!   And have breakfast and lunch with our friendly faculty.  

When:  June 14-15
Where:  the AUM campus


Undergraduate Research and Scholarship

Undergraduate research is a way to get research experience before leaving college. As a student you will work closely with a faculty advisor on a shared research project. The research options are almost limitless and the experience is invaluable.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Find out about our some of our many activities for students outside the classroom!

Student Advising

Meeting with an academic advisor at least once a semester is critical to your success. It's a great time to get help with any issues that may affect your academic progress, as well as start thinking about how to parlay your degree into a career.


The Learning Center and the Instructional Support Lab seek to support an academic environment across the university that addresses the intellectual development of all learners, helping them succeed in their academic course work. The LC and ISL also serve as the university's center for cultivating intellectual development through course assistance across the curriculum



The professional staff of the Counseling Center is highly trained to help college students through these times of adjustment and to help students make the most of their university experience. The Counseling Center offers a broad range of services to currently enrolled and degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students.